Business Jet Available for Charter or ACMI


Aerospace Asset Capital have added the Challenger 601 to our portfolio, this aircraft is available for charter and ACMI lease. 



Bombardier's Challenger 601 is one of the most popular long range business jets available on the charter market. The aircraft's fuel efficiency, versatile performance and powerful engines combined with spacious cabin offer passengers an excellent option for long range flights. This Challenger 601 is operated on a European AOC with world wide coverage. 



- Cost effective long range jet

- 10 Seat configuration

- Built-in washroom

- On Board WIFI

- On Board Phone/Fax/Printer
- Intercontinental flight range

- 10 Extra Wide Seats

- Berthable chairs sleeps up to 5


Comfort & Size

The Bombardier Challenger 601 wide cabin is designed to provide passengers more all-around comfort, convenience and connectivity allowing them to stretch their legs as well as their personal productivity and performance. Designed to set new standards for all-around performance both inside and out, the Challenger 601 is an impressive intercontinental corporate jet with outstanding flight  flexibility.



Pictures are of an old aircraft no longer on fleet



                                                            Cabin Dimensions and Layout

                           Please Contact  for a competitive quote available 24/7

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